Autism New Jersey’s Advancing Healthcare Initiative Takes Shape

November 14, 2022

The COVID-19 public health crisis highlighted the critical need to address the health disparities experienced by individuals with autism that have been present for decades.

To address these substantial issues, Autism New Jersey announced the launch of our Advancing Healthcare Initiative last February with the hiring of  Clinical Director, Lauren Frederick, M.A., BCBA. The initiative has set an ambitious and important goal to improve access to high-quality compassionate healthcare for individuals with autism in New Jersey in meaningful and lasting ways.

As the initiative continues to take shape and grow, we are proud to share some of its early efforts and achievements, including our initial priorities established to frame our efforts.


Unacceptably long waitlists for diagnostic evaluations can lead to potentially life-changing delays to medically necessary treatment. We’ve identified ways to tackle this problem. Learn more.


Identifying and implementing standard autism-friendly best practices in healthcare settings across New Jersey will go a long way to improving healthcare outcomes.


Nowhere is the need more evident than in emergency rooms, where autistic individuals unfortunately find themselves more often than the neurotypical population. Those with Severe Challenging Behavior, especially, get trapped in a damaging cycle and a system that is ill equipped to address their complex needs.


Solutions to improve health outcomes for individuals with autism in New Jersey begin with increased awareness and advocacy. We must engage key stakeholders in the conversation.

Share Your Story

To support this vital conversation and better understand your specific needs, we created an ongoing survey for you to share your or your loved one’s healthcare experiences.

Our initiative’s success will be greatly enhanced by hearing and sharing the lived experiences of the New Jersey autism community.

Our Advancing Healthcare Initiative is an ambitious multi-year effort with much work ahead.

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