Autism New Jersey Submits Federal Public Comment on Disability Discrimination

November 28, 2023

As part of our effort to ensure healthcare equity for individuals with autism, Autism New Jersey recently submitted a public comment to the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Health and Human Service Programs or Activities rule proposal. The federal rule proposal seeks to strengthen the implementation of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which prohibits disability discrimination in programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance. The rule proposal clarifies the application of section 504 in the areas of medical treatment decisions, value assessment methods, technological accessibility, accessible medical equipment, and child welfare programs and activities.

Autism New Jersey commended the federal government for updating these important regulations and urged the Department to explicitly include discussion and examples of sensory, communication, and behavioral accessibility throughout the regulatory update.

Read Autism New Jersey’s Public Comment

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