Autism New Jersey’s clinical experts help support the diverse and complex needs of the autism community.

Many individuals with autism have significant support needs which require their loved ones to navigate complex educational, medical, and legal systems. Making the best treatment decisions for a family member can be difficult and stressful. Finding answers to questions like the ones below often depends on the individual’s needs and best practices.

  • Should my child go to preschool or an ABA clinic?
  • Is medication a good option for my teenager’s challenging behaviors?
  • Should the IEP be focused on academic or vocational skills?
  • What can I expect when my child moves into a group home?
  • How will having a child with autism affect my parenting and our family?

At Autism New Jersey, clinical expertise is vital to the support we provide the autism community. We are proud to have several highly credentialed and experienced clinicians on staff who can help family members become more informed about how they might answer these types of difficult questions. These clinicians have significant knowledge and training in areas such as communication, challenging behavior, and health & safety and are dedicated to our mission of ensuring safe and fulfilling lives for those with autism, their families, and the professionals who support them.

Who provides Autism New Jersey’s clinical expertise?


How does Autism New Jersey's clinical expertise support the community?

Autism New Jersey’s clinical leadership provides the autism community up-to-date and evidence-based information on autism treatment and promotes best-practices in all areas of our work. This is achieved by:

CONTENT DEVELOPMENTAuthoring the agency’s position statements, publications, articles, and other content
800.4.AUTISM HELPLINE Reviewing referral database listings and providing clinical support for our Information Services staff and helpline calls, especially calls that involve severe challenging behavior, healthcare, and other acute issues
EDUCATION AND TRAININGCSOC contract | provide education and technical assistance on important clinical topics such as making informed autism treatment choices, assessing and treating challenging behavior, and promoting safety, through a contract with New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families, Children’s System of Care (CSOC)

Conference | oversee the annual conference content by ensuring clinically relevant keynote topics, reviewing all workshop proposals, and collaborating with presenters to promote meaningful and evidence-based content for participants

Family wellness | consistent with our mission to support families in holistic and practical ways, provide programs, health & wellness coaching, and resources for families to care for themselves and their loved one with autism
PUBLIC POLICYProviding clinical guidance on the agency’s public policy priorities (e.g., licensure for behavior analysts, Medicaid coverage of ABA) and on legislation and proposed regulations that have clinical implications
AWARENESSEnsuring accurate and up-to-date information about autism, prevalence and other demographics, and treatment as well as providing a clinical context for hot topics for the public and the media
INITIATIVESInforming agency initiatives by providing clinical information and guidance as well as collaborating with external stakeholders to promote activities and policies that are consistent with best clinical practices

Advancing Healthcare
Law Enforcement
Severe Challenging Behavior

What clinical resources does Autism New Jersey have for you?

Select clinically-informed articles

A Vision for Autism-Friendly Healthcare

We envision a future where individuals with autism are embraced and supported in healthcare interactions and settings.

Supporting Your Young Child’s Skill Development

Explore ways to strengthen skills while waiting for diagnostic clarity and treatment to begin.

Managing Severe Challenging Behavior in the Home

Children and adults who routinely engage in severe challenging behavior typically require treatment and care from a team of professionals and trained caregivers. Proactive strategies to consider.

Autism New Jersey Article Library

Select trainings

Do you have a question for our clinical team? Reach out to us at 800.4.AUTISM and our information services and clinical teams will collaborate to provide you with guidance.

If you’re looking for a presentation or training, a member of our clinical team may be able to provide workshops on numerous topics within autism, including treatment, family wellness, and autism-friendly practices in various settings.

Please contact Dr. Joe Novak at or 609.588.8200 ext. 10049 to see if your needs and our expertise and availability are a match. We also have a referral database and can connect you to another appropriate resource if we are unable to directly support your needs.

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