Why Public Policy Matters

Federal and state laws and regulations determine many components of disability services. These include eligibility criteria, funding, availability and quality of services – the very policies that directly impact the lives of every child and adult with autism.

Advocating for changes to policy is a dynamic and complex process. It requires an insider’s perspective on the state capital. It requires subject-matter expertise and the ability to navigate legislative and regulatory roadblocks. It takes experience and relationships with key decision-makers.

Our extensive public policy work involves a collaborative approach, keen analysis of trends, issues and their impact, and thoughtful strategy. Our aim is to help craft laws, regulations, and policy that provide more meaningful outcomes.

For more information about our Public Policy efforts, contact publicpolicy@autismnj.org or call 609.588.8200 x10034

Our Current Priorities

Through our Helpline 800.4.AUTISM, Autism New Jersey listens to the needs of the autism community. Informed by your calls, we selected the following public policy priorities:

Support our efforts

Autism New Jersey’s Public Policy Department relies 100% on the support of our friends in the community for the financial means to support our advocacy and to implement our agenda. The value of this work is apparent and the benefit to the community is significant.   You can help by becoming a member.


Joseph J. Roberts, Jr.

“Autism New Jersey understands the priorities of those they serve and can bring about real change that transforms lives. I’m proud to be associated with this organization and the tremendous work they do.”

Joseph J. Roberts, Jr.
Former Speaker of the NJ General Assembly

Michele Adubato

“Autism New Jersey knows how to get things done in Trenton. They have the passion and expertise to evaluate and change policies that improve the lives of children and adults with autism throughout the state. I am proud to partner with them.”

Michele Adubato
Chief Executive Officer, North Ward Center

Kevin Brothers

“Autism New Jersey has the connections and expertise to effectively initiate and respond to proposed policies that increase access to science-based intervention. Their analysis, consensus building, and strategic recommendations are exactly what our community needs.”

Kevin Brothers, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Executive Director, Somerset Hills Learning Institute

Helen E. Hoens

“As a former Board Member and the mother of an adult son with autism, I know firsthand Autism New Jersey’s extraordinary level of expertise and dedication as well as their positive impact on our families. With this bold new initiative, we can all count on Autism New Jersey to continue to lead the way to better lives and brighter futures for our sons and daughters.”

Helen E. Hoens, Esq.