Given the dynamic and highly nuanced nature of the legislative process (e.g., a bill can be materially changed on its journey to becoming law), it can be difficult to succinctly categorize Autism New Jersey’s perspective on pending legislation.

Below is a brief list of pending legislation that Autism New Jersey is monitoring for its impact on the I/DD community and the professionals who serve them. This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us at if you’d like to learn more.

2024-2025 Legislative Session

Strongly Support

A1128/S2311 – Requires criminal history background check for individuals seeking licensure issued by boards regulating certain health care professions (e.g. State Board of Applied Behavior Analyst Examiners).

S2332/[no A bill] – Allows complaint for guardianship of minor receiving developmental disability services to be filed six months before minor reaches age 18.


Support Intent and Monitoring Language

A300/S915 – Authorizes hospital patient with developmental disabilities to have designated family member, guardian, direct support professional, or other caregiver accompany patient throughout hospital stay.


A701/S1207 – Requires county Sexual Assault Response Teams to include person trained in interacting with persons with developmental disabilities; designated as “Harrison’s Law.”


A138/S193 – Establishes a behavioral health court pilot program.


Recently Enacted Legislation

Key Committees

Legislation that affects the autism community is typically first heard in the following committees. Legislation must be voted “out of committee” prior to a vote by the full Senate and General Assembly. The Governor’s signature is then the final step to pass the legislation and enact it into law.

Key Senate Committees

  • Budget and Appropriations

  • Education

  • Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens

  • Labor

  • Law and Public Safety

Key Assembly Committees

  • Budget

  • Consumer Affairs

  • Education

  • Health

  • Housing

  • Human Services

  • Labor

  • Law and Public Safety

  • Women and Children