Given the dynamic and highly nuanced nature of the legislative process (e.g., a bill can be materially changed on its journey to becoming law), it can be difficult to succinctly categorize Autism New Jersey’s perspective on pending legislation.

Below is a brief list of pending legislation that Autism New Jersey is monitoring for its impact on the I/DD community and the professionals who serve them. This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact us at if you’d like to learn more.

Strongly Support

A508/S2668 – Establishes an annual cost of living adjustment based on Consumer Price Index for programs providing mental health, substance use treatment, or services to persons with developmental disabilities. (Last Action: Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee 10/6/2022)

A4835/S3203 – Expands pool of eligible drivers of Type S school buses (gross vehicle weight of 3,000 pounds or more and maximum seating capacity of nine passengers or less). (Last Action: Passed in Assembly 6/30/2023)

  • Submitted a slip of support to the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee 5/11/2023

A1174/S2057 – Requires certain documentation of needs of students with disabilities during school security drills and emergency situations and in school security plans; requires staff training on needs of students with disabilities in emergency planning. (Last Action: Passed in the Senate; received in Assembly 6/27/202)

A4675/ S3027 – Requires parental notification when seclusion technique is utilized on student with disabilities; requires DOE to collect data on students with disabilities regarding exclusion from school pending psychiatric clearance and utilization of restraints and seclusion. (Last Action: Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee 9/29/22)

A2854/S1519 – Establishes civil action for abuse, neglect, exploitation or bullying of minor or adult with disability; provides that bullying of vulnerable adult may constitute grounds for investigation by adult protective services and report to law enforcement. (Last Action: Introduced in the Senate, referred to Senate Judiciary Committee 2/10/2022)

A4615/S3591 – Requires State to take steps to create additional graduate medical education program slots focused on behavioral health care. (Last Action: Passed in the Assembly 2/27/2023; Reported from Senate Committee with Amendments, 2nd reading 5/11/2023)

Support Intent and Monitoring Language

A1901/S148 – Requires NJ Transit to expand or modify routes and hours of certain transportation services and to solicit input from individuals diagnosed with autism. (Last Action: Introduced in Senate, Referred to Senate Transportation Committee 1/11/2022)

A1476/S930 – Exempts certain motor vehicles that are owned by certain nutrition programs and certain nonprofit organizations that offer social services for mental or behavioral health needs from motor vehicle registration fees.
(Last Action: Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee 6/1/2023)

A5411/S3554 – Establishes requirements and student protections for removal of students from public school pending mental health clearance.(Last Action: Introduced in Assembly 5/8/2023)

A4977/S3079 – Establishes School Safety and Security Task Force.(Last Action: Passed in the Senate 6/20/2023; received in the Assembly without Reference, 2nd Reading 6/22/2023)


A5316/S3630 – Permits certain adult day care centers and group homes to restrict access to caregivers, guardians, or employees who violate food restriction policies.(Last Action: Introduced in Assembly 3/20/2023)

A2509/S2401 – Establishes Task Force on Approved Private Schools for Students with Disabilities to study various issues including improving and streamlining tuition-setting process, funding, and fiscal accountability.
(Last Action: Introduced in Assembly 2/14/2022)

A1932/S1243 – Establishes Division of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in DCF. (Last Action: Introduced in Senate 2/3/2022)


A4535/S815 – Allows certain persons with developmental disabilities 21 years of age and older to attend special education programs and to simultaneously participate in adult day and employment programs. (Last Action: Introduced in Senate, referred to Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee 1/18/2022)

A1635/S1637 – Establishes Autism Education Council.(Last Action: Introduced in Assembly 1/11/2022)


S3740/no A bill – Codifies and revises background check and other requirements for certain individuals working with children.


A1425/S139 – Allows parent or primary caregiver of person with autism to apply for use of reserved parking zones.(Last Action: Referred to Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee 3/10/2022)


Recently Enacted Legislation

Key Committees

Legislation that affects the autism community is typically first heard in the following committees. Legislation must be voted “out of committee” prior to a vote by the full Senate and General Assembly. The Governor’s signature is then the final step to pass the legislation and enact it into law.

Key Senate Committees

  • Budget and Appropriations

  • Education

  • Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens

  • Labor

  • Law and Public Safety

Key Assembly Committees

  • Budget

  • Consumer Affairs

  • Education

  • Health

  • Housing

  • Human Services

  • Labor

  • Law and Public Safety

  • Women and Children