Our Mission

Autism New Jersey is a nonprofit agency committed to ensuring safe and fulfilling lives for individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals who support them. Through awareness, credible information, education, and public policy initiatives, Autism New Jersey leads the way to lifelong individualized services provided with skill and compassion. We recognize the autism community’s many contributions to society and work to enhance their resilience, abilities, and quality of life.

Our Vision

We are GROUNDED in science, STRENGTHENED by knowledge, and DEVOTED to creating a society of compassion and inclusion for all those touched by autism.

Our Values

We value dignity, compassion, accessibility, progress, collaboration, and excellence.

  • Dignity of all individuals with autism
  • Compassion for the challenges they and their families face
  • Accessibility to our services and services at large
  • Progress to improve as individuals and as a community
  • Collaboration to strengthen our connections
  • Excellence to continuously enhance our effectiveness and impact

Position Statements

Treatment Recommendations — Clarifies Autism New Jersey’s position on the treatment of autism.

Information Dissemination — Defines Autism New Jersey’s position on the dissemination of information.

Use of Restrictive Procedures within Comprehensive Behavior Support Plans — Describes Autism New Jersey’s point of view on the use of restrictive procedures.

Click here to download our Position Statements.