We are pleased to launch New Jersey’s first statewide interdisciplinary consortium focused on the health and healthcare needs of autistic individuals. This group of leaders at health-related trade associations, healthcare systems, healthcare provider practices, autism treatment provider agencies, and funders is dedicated to advancing healthcare for New Jerseyans with autism.

Promoting Best Practices

The Autism New Jersey Healthcare Consortium will leverage the combined wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources of its members to collaboratively develop innovative solutions and strategically advance best practices in patient, provider, and systemic aspects of healthcare for patients with autism. This coordinated effort will identify high-quality work happening in isolated pockets and accelerate these efforts statewide.

Opportunities for Innovation

Driven by consortium members’ priorities and best practices, this dynamic group will create opportunities for innovative research, quality improvement projects, and other collaborative efforts that will improve healthcare access and outcomes for New Jerseyans with autism.

Calling All Leaders

We need you to ensure our vision of high-quality, person-centered, integrated, and prioritized healthcare is achieved for all individuals with autism.

If you are a leader in healthcare or autism service provision interested in taking part in the Autism New Jersey Consortium, please submit your interest form below. The first meeting will be held in Summer 2023.

If you are an autistic individual or family member, your experiences will be a regular feature of consortium meetings. Tell us your healthcare story>>

Questions? Connect with Lauren Frederick, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Initiatives at lfrederick@autismnj.org.