Do these experiences seem familiar to you?

Surveys show that many individuals with autism experience lower satisfaction with their healthcare interactions and have difficulty consistently accessing compassionate high-quality healthcare.

Worse, for some, particularly adults, those in need of specialty care, and/or with severe challenging behaviors, finding any provider willing accept and treat them is next to impossible.

Individuals with autism deserve better

This is why Autism New Jersey has launched the Advancing Healthcare Initiative. This initiative recognizes that the health outcomes of individuals with autism is a complex, multi-faceted issue with challenges and potential solutions at the individual, provider and system levels.  Our goal is to support substantial and sustainable changes in healthcare systems throughout the state.

Share your story!

Through our 800.4.AUTISM Helpline, we often hear stories of upsetting emergency room visits and fruitless searches for specialist providers.

As our initiative moves forward, it needs your ongoing voices to help push change within the healthcare industry. The challenges and successes of the autism community will help Autism New Jersey continue to focus its priorities within this ambitious initiative as well as help describe the urgent need to those who are not yet aware of health disparities of this community.

Experience Our Power of Connection

Our 800.4.AUTISM Helpline is always available to provide support and resources while you navigate your child’s healthcare needs.