Research Study on Autistic Teen Reading Experiences

February 22, 2024

How do autistic teens experience a young adult novel and construct meaning through their reading?

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University are seeking autistic teens to participate in a research study.

This research is being done to find out more about unique ways in which autistic teens choose books for recreational reading, respond to reading fiction, and integrate what they have learned through reading into their lives and self-concepts.

Research is being conducted by a master’s student in Education at Pennsylvania State University, as part of their master’s thesis.

Participants will read a copy of the book The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester, that will be mailed to them, keep an optional reading journal, and participate in a Zoom interview about their reading experience.

The researcher hopes to learn more about participants’ reading practices, how they understand being autistic and other identities they might hold, and how they think about and experience the world in order to inform best practices for educators, librarians, and other people who work with and read or recommend young adult literature to autistic teens.

Participate in the study

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Questions? Contact Erin Hoopes at 267.670.5116 or email

Autism New Jersey strongly recommends reviewing the following information prior to participating in any research study:

For more information and a comprehensive list of potential benefits and risks of participating, please contact the investigators. For helpful information on being an informed research participant, please visit the Organization for Autism Research’s (OAR) Parent’s Guide to Research. Appendix B provides a list of questions to ask prior to participation and overviews your rights as a research participant.