Perceptions of Culturally Responsive Autism Supports: A Qualitative Case Study for Jewish American Parents

April 11, 2024

Researchers from the American College of Education are conducting a research study to explore Jewish American parents’ perceptions of the cultural and ethnic relevance of public education and treatment received by their children with a medical diagnosis of autism.

An exploration will address Jewish American parents with a child with autism’s perceptions of educational and social support services meeting their expectations for quality services and cultural needs. Communities serving special populations are comprised of programs and services to support neurodiverse children with disabilities from all cultural backgrounds.

Special needs communities may benefit from exploring cultural requirements specific to Jewish American parents raising a child with medically diagnosed autism.

Participate in the study

For more information, contact Beth Raiola at 516.320.4787 or email

Autism New Jersey strongly recommends reviewing the following information prior to participating in any research study:

For more information and a comprehensive list of potential benefits and risks of participating, please contact the investigators. For helpful information on being an informed research participant, please visit the Organization for Autism Research’s (OAR) Parent’s Guide to Research. Appendix B provides a list of questions to ask prior to participation and overviews your rights as a research participant.