Role of CSOC

August 14, 2018

child at sundown

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families Division of Children’s System of Care (DCF-CSOC) provides services for children, adolescents and young adults with needs related to intellectual and developmental disabilities, including autism. Services are administered by PerformCare, which serves as a single point of entry for families.

Before a family can access intellectual/developmental disability services, they must first apply for eligibility. The services are a separate category from the CSOC-funded behavioral health services available to all children in the state of New Jersey. As part of the application process, families must provide requested documentation of the child’s disability.

Once the child is determined to be eligible for developmental disability services, families can contact PerformCare to request assistance including family support services, in-home/in-community behavioral services and, when needed, residential services. They can call PerformCare at 877.652.7624 to request an application for eligibility or apply/download an application online.

Types of Services and Supports

Family Support Services

Family support services (FSS) include assistance such as respite care, educational advocacy and some types of assistive technology.
In addition to being eligible for intellectual/developmental disability services, a child must live in the community either with a family member or an uncompensated caregiver to receive family support. All other benefits for which the individual may be eligible (such as SSI and private insurance) must be accessed before accessing FSS resources.

A detailed description of FSS and how to apply is available on PerformCare’s website.

Financial Assistance for Summer Camp

Funds to help pay for the cost of summer camp are also made available on a yearly basis. It is a separate application that must be completed yearly prior to a deadline. The application is typically available from March 1st through April 30th each year. Information about applying for camp funding, as well as applying for 1:1 aides for children who need additional support is available here.

Help for Children Needing More Intensive Supports

Intensive In-Home Services

Children who have more intensive needs for supports, including behavioral support, may be connected with a local care management entity called a Care Management Organization (CMO). CMOs are county-based and coordinate services for the child on a local level. A CMO can coordinate Intensive In-Home Services (IIH) for children experiencing significant behavioral difficulties in the home or community, and who meet the criteria for IIH. Families can contact their CMO directly to request IIH or contact PerformCare if they are not currently connected to a CMO.

Mobile Response Stabilization Services (MRSS)

If a child is experiencing a behavioral crisis that is non-life threatening, PerformCare may authorize mobile response stabilization services (MRSS) to come to the family’s home within one hour of notification to provide face-to-face crisis services. MRSS staff can help de-escalate a situation and help connect the family to ongoing services.

Out-of-Home Treatment

Sometimes, a child’s needs cannot be met at home despite the interventions provided. In these cases, children may be referred to receive treatment in an out-of-home facility. The Children’s System of Care provides out-of-home treatment when it is determined that options to serve the child’s needs at home have been exhausted. Families who believe their child needs treatment in a residential setting can contact PerformCare or their CMO care manager to request residential treatment.

Information for Providers

Information and resources for providers currently contracted with CSOC is available on PerformCare’s website. Provider resources include training materials, clinical criteria for various services, forms and billing information, and frequently asked questions are available. In addition, interested providers can learn how to become contracted with CSOC.

For more information on services available for children with autism, contact our helpline at 800.4.AUTISM, connect with helpline staff on our website via LiveChat, or email