CSOC Summer Camp Services

March 15, 2022

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CSOC provides financial support towards camp tuition and one-to-one aide services for summer camp to youth under the age of 21. These services are based on eligibility and availability of resources. Families must select a camp and a one-to-one aide provider from CSOC’s list of qualified camps and one-to-one aide providers. They must register the child with the camp prior to requesting funding. For more information on selecting a camp that’s right for you, please see our article, What to Look for in a Summer Camp.


A child is considered eligible for CSOC Summer Camp Services if:

  • They are eligible for CSOC developmental disability (DD) services;
  • They are under the age of 21 and will not turn 21 before the end of the camp dates selected for reimbursement, and
  • They reside in their own home with an uncompensated caregiver

Camp funds cannot be used during the time that a child is eligible for extended school year services through their school district.

The CSOC Summer Camp Service application is comprised of Part A, concerning financial support, and Part B, concerning one-to-one aide services.

Part A: Financial Support

Financial Support Toward Summer Camp Tuition

CSOC Financial Support toward Summer Camp Tuition is paid directly to the camp.

CSOC financial support toward summer camp tuition is paid directly to the camp.

For a day camp, the amount of financial support offered is a maximum daily rate of $80.00. Parents can get day camp financial support for a maximum of 10 days. For an overnight camp, financial support is capped at a daily rate of $133.00. Parents can get overnight camp financial support for a maximum of 6 nights.

If the child attends camp for more than the maximum allowable number of support days, or if the daily rate costs more than $80.00 per day for a day camp or 133.00 per day for an overnight camp, the family is responsible to pay any amount of camp tuition that is not covered by the financial support.
CSOC financial support toward summer camp tuition does not cover the following costs:

  • Camp registration or deposit fees
  • Transportation to and from camp
  • Trips taken during camp
  • Additional days and fees beyond the maximum allowed and/or approved.

Part B: One-to-One Aide Services

One-to-One Aide Services

CSOC offers one-to-one aide services for youths who require an aide’s assistance to attend camp. The need for an aide is determined by the CSCO qualified camp and is only available for the days financial support is requested.

If the CSOC qualified camp a parent has selected determines that the child will need a one-to-one aide to attend their program, the parent must complete Part B of the CSOC Summer Camp Services application for one-to-one services. The decision to request one-to-one aide services must be made together by the camp provider and the parent.

The parent must complete the Child Adaptive Behavior Summary (CABS) on Part B together with the camp provider. The CABS is intended to gather information about the child’s typical functioning within the previous three months. It should reflect, to the extent possible, the child’s usual behavior in common daily routines at home, in school, and in the community.

A copy of the jointly completed CABS will be retained by the camp and provided to the identified one-to-one aide provider agency, offering a broad picture of the impact of the child’s disability on daily life for both the child and the caregiver. This helps ensure the “best fit” between the one-to-one aide and the child.

One-to-one aide services are available only at CSOC qualified day camps.

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