Quick Guide to DDD Waiver Programs

November 24, 2017

Eligible individuals receive services from DDD via one of two programs:  The Supports Program  or the Community Care Program (CCP). While previously funded by two separate Medicaid Waiver Programs, both programs now fall under the Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver (also known as the New Jersey FamilyCare Demonstration).  This section provides information on the program/waiver, funding details and services available.

DDD’s Quick Guide for Families can be a helpful resource for families and individuals as well, as it summarizes some of the policies and procedures governing both the Supports Program and the CCP. Each program’s full policy manual is also linked at the bottom of this article.

Supports Program

The Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Supports Program provides a basic level of support services to participants who live with family members or who live in their own homes. The Supports Program provides services to individuals who are Medicaid eligible and meet DDD eligibility criteria (excluding people currently served via the Community Care Waiver).

Individuals select their own services, based on their assessed needs, from a menu that includes:

  • support coordination
  • assistive technology
  • behavior support
  • career planning
  • cognitive rehabilitation
  • community based supports
  • community inclusion services
  • day habilitation
  • environmental modification
  • financial management services
  • goods and services
  • interpreter services
  • natural supports training
  • occupational therapy
  • personal emergency response system
  • physical therapy
  • prevocational training
  • respite
  • speech, language and hearing therapy
  • supported employment with individual employment support
  • supported employment with small group support
  • supports brokerage
  • transportation
  • vehicle modification

Learn more about the Home and Community Based Services, including the Support Program, and access forms and information on DDD’s Website.

Community Care Program (CCP)

Administered by DDD, the Community Care Program pays for the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) of Medicaid-eligible individuals with developmental disabilities so they can live in the community. It is a person-driven, long-term support system that offers choice and access to specialized services that aid individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities in living in the least restrictive settings. Individuals receiving services through the CCP must be Medicaid eligible, meet DDD eligibility criteria, and meet the specified level of care for Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ICF/IDD) as assessed through the NJCAT.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities works with individuals to help establish whether or not they meet these Medicaid requirements.

Learn more about the CCP waiting list and access forms and information on DDD’s website.

Statewide Transition Plan:  Why it matters

Autism New Jersey lead a rigorous advocacy effort regarding New Jersey’s Statewide Transition Plan (STP), a plan required by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In short, the STP stipulates the rules for the CCP, including issues like what housing setting an individual could choose with Medicaid funds. After many months of stakeholder meetings and multiple comment periods, the amended plan was submitted by the Department of Human Services for CMS’ review and approval in December 2016. The changes made and the recommendations accepted by DHS expanding choice and marked a substantial public policy victory.

Policy Manuals

DDD’s extensive policy manuals are “the definitive source for all information” related to these two programs.  These lengthy, comprehensive manuals contain the procedures and guidelines that govern these programs.  Confused or concerned about a particular policy or procedure?  Reach out to our Helpline at 800.4.AUTISM or information@autismnj.org, who, along with our public policy team, can offer guidance.

DDD provides a full version of its Policies and Procedures Manual on its website and alerts stakeholders when they are updated.  (Manuals Last Updated:  March 2019)

CCP Policy Manual

Supports Program Manual