Your Vote Counts: Resources to Prepare for Election Day

October 01, 2021

November 2nd is election day, and your vote counts! New Jersey residents will be electing a Governor and a State Senator and two Assemblymembers from each of the 40 districts that will represent you in Trenton. These elected officials will shape policies and the future path of Medicaid, special education, housing, and many other issues that directly affect our community.

Autism New Jersey believes that everyone who can vote should vote. With New Jersey now offering a vote by mail option, it is easier than ever before to have your voice heard. Here are some helpful resources to get you prepared for Election Day.

  • Register to Vote – The deadline to register is October 12th
  • How to Vote – Explore the options to cast your ballot
  • Rev Up NJ – A national movement whose aim is to promote the turnout of people with disabilities at the polls

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