New Jersey State Bar Foundation Awards $10,000 to Autism New Jersey

July 12, 2021

Autism New Jersey is grateful for the New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s co-sponsorship of our important outreach and education program, Medicaid-funded Autism Treatment: Knowing and Asserting Your Rights. The New Jersey State Bar Foundation has generously awarded $10,000 to help fund this important project.

Donations from community partners like the New Jersey State Bar Foundation help expand the reach of our Information Services Department and its initiatives to educate the autism community about important legal concepts. The program’s goals are to inform the approximately 8,000 New Jersey FamilyCare beneficiaries of their entitlement to medically necessary treatment and provide them with the essential information and advocacy skills to access and benefit from this treatment.

With the assistance of the co-sponsorship funding, Autism New Jersey has generated accessible, accurate website content on the minimum coverage requirements Medicaid must afford for autism treatment and the manner in which that coverage must be given. Autism New Jersey has also developed a webinar titled Health Coverage of ABA for Individuals with Autism: An Overview for Parents and Professionals. Finally, through our 800.4.AUTISM Helpline, Autism New Jersey has supported families as they have applied for Medicaid, sought an in-network behavior analyst, received treatment for their child, and – ultimately – benefitted from that treatment.

Autism New Jersey Information Services Director, Jon Gottlieb, Esq., underscored the importance of funding for this initiative.

“We are thrilled to partner with the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. The Foundation’s dedication to enriching the lives of New Jersey residents and encouraging legal literacy closely mirrors the commitment that our helpline specialists have to helping families learn about autism treatment, navigate state services, and get the support they need.”

We thank the New Jersey State Bar Foundation for its part in supporting our mission!

About the New Jersey State Bar Foundation

Founded in 1958, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation has been dedicated to carrying out the charitable and educational endeavors of the organized bar, specifically the New Jersey State Bar Association. In 1988, when it moved to its current location at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, the Foundation made a concentrated effort to expand its public education efforts. Today, the Foundation stands as a model for law-related education organizations across the country.

Believing that “informed citizens are better citizens,” the Foundation strives to educate everyone in New Jersey—from students to senior citizens—about their rights and responsibilities under the law.