Motorcycle Riders Get in Gear with Autism

August 31, 2021

The Motorcycle Riders of New Jersey (MRNJ) is an online Facebook group established seven years ago that boasts more than 2,700 online members statewide. When the motorcycle enthusiasts planned their first ever in-person “Meet and Greet” event for August 13 in Woodland Park, NJ, they wanted to give back to the community. And give back they did!

They produced a newly logoed t-shirt that was sold, with proceeds going to a worthy cause. Autism New Jersey was honored to be voted as their designated charity. The shirt sales, combined with a raffle, raised $1,738!

Thank you MRNJ for coming together and supporting the autism community!

Is your group or club interested in planning an event or fund drive to support Autism New Jersey? Contact Brynn Alberici at