State Solicits Stakeholder Input for Comprehensive Demonstration Waiver

November 19, 2020

On Thursday, November 12th, the Department of Human Services (DHS) held its second listening session to solicit stakeholders’ input regarding existing services and ideas for new programs that are or could be funded by the NJ FamilyCare Demonstration Waiver, also known as the 1115 waiver.

Learn more about the 1115 waiver and why it is important.

Autism New Jersey provided testimony on three priority areas:

  1. developing new programs to provide effective treatment for children and adults with severe challenging behavior,
  2. ensuring that all children with autism in New Jersey have insurance coverage for medically necessary treatment, and
  3. including the recently enacted the Applied Behavior Analyst Licensing Act into all provider qualifications for behavioral services.

What you can do

  • Submit comments for DHS’s consideration. Tell the State which programs you would like to see continue, modified, or added. Comments can be sent to
    Update:  Comment period is closed.
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We will be posting updates and progress here.  The current waiver expires in June 2022.