Eddie and Jordyn Share the Gift of Kindness

August 21, 2020

Eddie the Ausome Balloon Creator and his balloon version of Jordyn.

Our friend, Eddie Lin, aka the Ausome Balloon Creator recently partnered with Jordyn’s Summer Shirt Project for an inspired fundraiser. Like Eddie, Jordyn has autism. The Shirt Project, based out of Georgia, was initially created with the purpose of teaching Jordyn job skills. She rolls every shirt, adds a wristband and signs a thank you card. Every shirt has an inspirational message about kindness.

Eddie and Jordyn formed a fast friendship online and decided to collaborate on a special limited-edition shirt design with the profits of the shirt being donated to charities important to them. We are grateful that Eddie chose Autism New Jersey as one of the shared beneficiaries.

$5,000 was donated to Autism New Jersey to help support our mission.

The shirts featured the message “Kindness is a Free Gift” and colorful balloons. They were so popular, a second run was produced to keep up with demand. Both sold out fast, testament to the message of kindness these two inspiring individuals are helping to spread. $5,000 was donated to Autism New Jersey, half of the proceeds from the sales. These funds are much needed and will help support Autism New Jersey’s mission.

Jordyn’s project is another fine example of a business built to provide employment opportunities to individuals with autism. There are many brick-and-mortar stores and online businesses that were created, like Jordyn’s, to foster vocational skills and provide meaningful jobs. Work is fulfilling and essential for Jordyn, Eddie – who is dedicated to his beloved job at the South Plainfield Public Library, and countless others with autism. We encourage everyone to support local business that employ adults with autism…and support each other.

As best said via Jordyn Shirt Project’s Facebook Post:

We “love, love, love that these two individuals with autism use their platforms to help others with disabilities. We hope they inspire and remind you that when you face challenges in life, never give up.”