DDD Closes Congregate Day Programs

November 19, 2020

New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has announced the closure of all Division-funded in-person congregate day programming for a second time due to the rising rates of COVID cases in New Jersey. The closure is effective from the end of business on November 25th through at least January 19th. DDD states that January 19th is only a projected re-opening date, and that this date may change.

The Division will continue to make State Supplemental Payments to providers as they did during the last closure and individuals can elect to receive virtual day services during this time. For more information about provider payment, virtual services, and other aspects of this closure, please read the Division’s Temporary Closure of Congregate Day Services guidance.

Experience Our Power of Connection

Autism New Jersey will continue to follow recommendations from the CDC and state Department of Health as the state moves through the stages of the pandemic.

We’re proud to say that, since the beginning of the pandemic, not one call to our Helpline has gone unanswered. If you need assistance, call us at 800.4.AUTISM or information@autismnj.org or send us a message/chat with us via the link at the bottom of this page.

We remain focused on our mission to be a resource for the autism community. We recognize that there are many questions and complex considerations, and we are working hard to address these substantial issues and provide our expertise and stakeholder perspectives as plans evolve. We encourage you to regularly visit our central hub of coronavirus resources for the autism community.