DDD Announces Day Program Re-Opening Plans and Residential Visitation Guidelines

March 15, 2021

The Department of Human Services’ Division of Developmental Disabilities today announced eagerly anticipated new guidelines for the reopening of Day Programs and updates to their Residential Visitation Policy.

Day Programs: Day program re-opening at 50% capacity can occur as early as March 29, 2021, provided criteria in the updated Congregate Day Program Re-Opening Requirements are met.

Contact your provider directly for more details on their specific re-opening plan.

As outlined in the re-opening requirements, providers meeting the criteria outlined can reopen in accordance with the most current COVID-19 Activity Level Index (CALI) for the region in which they operate.  These reports are issued weekly.  The level must be green or yellow to reopen.

Residential Programs: New residential visitation instructions have been issued that loosen restrictions that have been in place for a year, allowing more residents to visit with family, friends and loved ones.

DDD’s Guidance for Residential Providers on Visits with Family and Friends outlines the requirements for indoor, outdoor and off-site visits. These visits can begin as early as March 19, 2021, so long as required documents have been signed by the resident’s legal guardian.

For both day and residential program, COVID-19 monitoring and safety requirements and compliance standards have been established for providers.  We encourage families to check with your provider for additional details and information about their specific plans and policies.

DHS’s Coronavirus information hub posts announcements and updates from DDD

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