A Friend With Autism Inspires a Special Bat Mitzvah Project

October 12, 2021

Mazel tov and thank you to Lila Meranus, who celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on September 18, 2021 in Bloomfield, NJ, with a very special project that raised more than $2,000 for Autism New Jersey.

To mark the occasion, Lila planned a customary mitzvah project, an activity designed to give back to the community. Hers was inspired by a friend at her Hebrew School named Max, who has autism.

While she had always wanted to support autism as a part of her mitzvah project, the pandemic caused greater urgency for Lila.

“While the past 18 months have been difficult for all of us, the impact of COVID-19 on individuals with autism, and those who care for them, has been particularly difficult,” Lila wrote. “Routine is incredibly important to individuals with autism (like Max) and, as we all know, our routines were very disrupted during the pandemic.”

Lila and Max had a special connection and she enjoyed helping him in the classroom, something from which they both benefited greatly. “This is the exact type of opportunity that was taken away by the pandemic,” she lamented.

“When choosing to raise money for Autism New Jersey, I spoke to Max’s mom to make sure she was comfortable with me doing so in honor of my friendship with Max,” Lila explained. “She told me how much Max loved working with me and appreciated my kindness, encouragement, and patience, and that he would love to be a part of my project.”

We all appreciate your kindness, Lila! Thank you for helping to raise funds for autism and for being a true friend to Max! Mazel Tov!

Visit Lila’s Fundraising Page

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