Due to Covid-19, we suspended planning of our in-person Transition Conference.

We remain committed to this event and sharing information on transition and adult services. We will keep you updated on the status of our future Transition Conference.

Autism New Jersey’s Transition Conference is tailored specifically to the concerns of families with children from 14 years old and up. Careful planning to navigate the changes from school to the adult service system is necessary, and thousands rely on Autism New Jersey’s assistance to do so.

Workshops and exhibits provide caregivers and professionals with up-to-date information on legal, instructional, and service issues.

  • Instructional topics focused on fostering independence through technology and encouraging interdependence by accessing others for assistance. The needs of individuals with severe challenging behavior were specifically addressed in the area of program selection.
  • Attorneys and financial planners discussed all aspects of legal and financial issues, from transition IEPs to special needs trusts and guardianship to accessing state and federal supports.
  • A variety of additional topics rounded out the offerings. These included a panel of 6 social opportunity providers; analysis of psychotropic medications; and “Cultivating Business Partnerships to Provide Meaningful Work-Related Experiences.”

In search of transition information and resources?

For additional information on transition and adult services, contact Autism New Jersey’s Helpline 800.4.AUTISM.