Technical Assistance Program for Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) and Severe Challenging Behavior (SCB)

Appropriate for referral

  • An intellectual/developmental disability (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)
  • Possible co-occurring mental health or psychiatric diagnoses
  • One or more of the following presenting problems:

Challenges with Treatment

  • Difficulty accessing appropriate treatment and services (ABA, clinical, IIH, IIC)
  • Limited response to treatment
  • Lack of diagnostic clarity or other comprehensive evaluations

Severe Challenging Behavior (SCB) – ongoing dangerous behavior causing safety concerns such as aggression, self-injury, property destruction, or elopement.

  • Injury or risk of injury to self or family members
  • Unable to access community services (doctor visits, school, etc.) and/or behavior causing 911 calls, visits to ER/crisis screening centers

Other Challenging Behavior – related to autism such as feeding, sleep, severe stereotypy, or ritualistic behavior.

Deficits in Adaptive Behavior – limited/no functional communication and minimal adaptive life skills (toileting, self-care)

Supervision Needs – Requires constant supervision or redirection

Health/Medical – Multiple medical challenges, unable to access needed care

Complex circumstances and dynamics – Exposure to traumatic events, problematic family dynamics, psychosocial needs, team conflicts

How Autism New Jersey can help

  • Match care managers with an experienced technical assistance provider(s)

  • Conduct a service review to maximize services funded by others (e.g., educational entitlement, insurance, and Medicaid)

  • Provide expert clinical guidance, including advice on empirically validated treatments, best practices, and appropriateness of service

  • Collaborate to support the development of a clinically appropriate plan to improve safety and quality of life for youth and family members

  • Assist in navigating complex family and team dynamics

Referral Process

  • To submit a referral, please click here to access a HIPAA-compliant online referral form
  • You will receive a response from a member of the technical assistance team within 2 business days
  • CSOC contracts with both Autism New Jersey and The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities to provide technical assistance. Requesting parties will be contacted by either Autism New Jersey or The Boggs Center depending on the youth’s clinical needs. On occasion, both agencies may remain involved in the technical assistance process.
  • For more information on our technical assistance program, please contact Lauren Frederick, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Initiatives at or 609.588.8200 X10015
  • Please note that this new process and referral form replaces prior processes for requesting technical assistance

Submit a Referral